Transnational Project meeting in Lithuania

On November 23-25, the first transnational meeting of project partners took place in Šiauliai. The education systems as well as institutions of Lithuania, Belgium, Norway and Spain were presented and situations of detainees and convicts in these countries were discussed. On November 23 all participants of the project meeting visited Šiauliai Remand prison. They were introduced the conditions of formal and non-formal education –  study classes, educational means, students’ works of art,   lessons of mathematics and history were observed. The partners also were shown non-formal education sessions, which were organized by volunteers, they visited the chapel, sports, gardening areas, library, and museums.

After visiting Šiauliai Remand Prison, future project activities such learning, teaching, training activities in Belgium, creation of intellectual output as well as  of project website were discussed.  All of these activities and their opportunities will help project participants to gain a wider understanding of the learning  motivation factors of arrested and sentenced people and will encourage to create specific methods of teaching and motivating inmates.